Club Rules

Do not criticize other archer’s equipment. Do not touch another archer’s equipment without their permission.

No electronic equipment or device on the shooting line or equipment line, except for scoring purposes.

No smoking on shooting line or equipment line.

Where smoking is permitted, Butts are to be disposed of in suitable container and not on the field.

Neat, tidy and clean dress to be worn, preferably club uniform.  Thongs, bare feet and singlets are not allowed.

Aggressive behaviour and bad language, abuse, equipment abuse will not be tolerated from any club member, visitor or spectator.  You will be asked to leave the grounds.

Excessive talking, laughing and other noises must cease once the whistle has blown and shooting commenced.

When you have finished shooting, step back from the line, and remain quite to allow other archers to complete their shoot.

Help other archer’s look for lost arrows so that the shoot is not unnecessarily delayed.

In the event of equipment failure, archers should hold their bow above their heads to attract the attention of the DOS.

Each archer is responsible for getting their own score sheet and making sure it is correctly filled out before handing it in at the end of the shoot.

Each target group is responsible for getting out their target butt and responsible for putting it away at the end of the shoot.

All ranges are closed half an hour before the scheduled shoot to prepare for club shoot.

When a beginner’s course is being held, club members are not to disturb the course in progress. Club members are to take their equipment to the top field and practice on the top field. 

As part of the club’s membership application only the committee is authorised to take photos, videos for social media purposes, as per outlined on the membership form.

Club members are to sign the attendance book before walking onto the field or commencing shooting and pay shoot fees before the commencement of the shoot.

Club members are required to sign the sign in book on the wall (in the white box), before they commence shooting during the week or non-club day event.

Temporary membership of Archery Australia is available for those undertaking a beginner’s course.  Temporary membership is also available for other visitors to attend 4 times a year.

All equipment out of the equipment room must be signed out and signed back in each day.

Hireage of equipment must be paid for on a daily basis or otherwise arranged.

Novice shooters should be given support and encouragement from other archers.

Enclosed footwear must be worn while shooting and coaching.

Only current accredited AA coaches/instructors and approved by the club’s head coach may coach/instruct at the club.  All coaches/instructors must have a current Blue Card (Work with Children Check).

All Judges and Official Officiating Officers must be currently accredited with AA and must have a current Blue Card (Work with Children Check) when judging an event at the club. 

Hervey Bay Archers Inc will not allow an individual or group to conduct coaching for remuneration at any of the club grounds or venues without the express permission of the club committee.  This permission is to be given in writing only after a written application, accompanied by the appropriate documentation, is presented to a scheduled meeting of the club for approval.  A fee for the use of facilities must be agreed upon by all parties and paid in advance before any coaching can proceed.

If a child is aged 10-14 years, a parent/guardian must be present when:

  • that child is attending a beginner’s course;
  • that child is participating in a club shoot, and
  • that child is receiving extra coaching before or after a club shoot.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make arrangements for the child’s transport to and from the club and on time, to make sure they have signed in.  It is the parents/guardian responsibility to ensure their child has a water bottle, sunscreen, and hat.

All rounds to be shot, including start times are published in the club shooting calendar.

Members are asked to nominate for their shoot 30 minutes before commencement.

All latecomers are to report to the Director of Shooting.

Only listed rounds on the club shooting calendar will be shot.

Records and classifications can only be claimed on shoots listed in the club shooting calendar.

The WA Fita rounds and the clout rounds will start shooting at

All archers shall be under the control of the Director of shooting (DOS) and will shoot to the same signals irrespective of the distance being shot.

Shooting will be control by Whistle blasts or electronic device.

All unsupervised shooting shall cease 30 minutes before the nominated time for the scheduled shoot.

When shooting any field round there must be 2 adults with any one child. One of these adults must have a current Blue Card (Work with Children Check).

When the club field shoot is being held, both the top field and bottom field are closed from 12.30pm on wards.

When shooting the field range you must stay on the walk back lanes, and tracks must be used at all times.

On the field do not draw the bow other than on the shooting line pointing at the target.

60+ & 70+ women and men shoot from the blue peg when shooting the club field event.

When shooting clout and junior members are shooting this event, it will be shot with A’s & B’s.

70+ men shoot a short Canberra when shooting the Canberra rounds at the club.

 Sep 2023.