Installation of a peep sight

Bow Press
String Divider
White Marker
Serving String
Box Cutter
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Tying in a peep sight to your bowstring is an essential step for improving accuracy and consistency in archery.

  1. Find the Correct Position for the Peep Sight:
    • First, determine the ideal location for your peep sight. It should align with your eye and the front bow sight when you’re at full draw.
    • Mark this spot on your bowstring using a temporary marker or tape.
  2. Place the Bow in a Bow Press and Release Tension:
    • To work comfortably, put your bow in a bow press. This relieves tension from the bowstring.
    • You’ll need access to the string strands for the next steps.
  3. Separate the Intertwined Strands of the Bowstring at Your Marked Location:
    • Carefully separate the two strands of the bowstring where you marked the peep sight position.
    • Create a small gap between the strands.
  4. Position the Peep Sight Between the Strands:
    • Insert the peep sight into the gap between the strands.
    • Ensure that the peep sight is oriented correctly (usually with the smaller hole facing you).
  5. Cut Serving and Begin Tying the Peep Sight In:
    • Cut a piece of serving material (usually bowstring serving thread) to a suitable length.
    • Start wrapping the serving material around the strands and the peep sight.
    • Make sure the wraps are tight and secure.
  6. Tighten the Serving String and fasten the Knot:
    • Continue wrapping the serving material around the strands and peep sight.
    • Once you’ve made enough wraps, fasten the knot tightly.
    • Trim any excess serving material.

Remember, a properly tied-in peep sight ensures that it won’t slide once set in the right place. Take your time, follow these steps, and enjoy improved accuracy in your archery shots!

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