Arrow Information

Different types of arrows are recommended depending on the type of archery activity you’re doing. The type of arrows include:

Wooden arrows were the first type of arrow used by man in history and are still used by traditional archers. They are heavier than the new carbons arrows we use now.

Aluminum arrows are straight and consistent in their spine.
Aluminum arrows are more accurate and lighter weight than the wooden arrows. Aluminum arrows can be used for all types of activities, including traditional bows and recurve bows.

Fiberglass arrows are arrows shafts that are made of fiberglass material.  Fiberglass is a material that was used widely in archery because it is durable, can withstand a lot of pressure and have a low price.  Today fiberglass arrows are not as popular as carbon arrows but are good for beginner archers to learn with.   

This is the most commonly used arrows among archers today. This material is very versatile and suitable for all disciplines: ABA, 3D shooting, target shooting and competition. Carbon arrows come in a variety of different diameters. 

What is arrow spine?
The spine is simply the measurement of an arrow’s stiffness. The lower the number, the stiffer the arrow. Example, a 250-spine arrow is stiffer than an arrow spine of 600.
Choosing the right arrow spine will depend on:

  • the type of bow,
  • the type of archery activity you are doing,
  • the draw weight and
  • draw length of your bow.

Arrows bend and flex when shot, so having the correct arrow spine will improve your consistency and accuracy.